7x is a consulting and investment firm that helps business owners in multiple industries to transform and grow their organization while adding value. With our expertise and dedication, we help our clients learn critical business skills, implement business development strategies, and secure investments to help them grow their businesses effectively and efficiently.

As business consultants, we work with a variety of businesses and their owners on high-level business matters that include designing both short and long-term business growth strategies while mentoring our client's leaders on how to improve performance in terms of operations, communication, profitability, management, structure, strategy, and quality.

As financial investors, we've got a deep understanding of investment strategies and markets, allowing us to develop smart business plans that offer growth potential and reduce risk while creating opportunities for our clients. We have extensive experience conducting due diligence, company mergers, and acquisitions.

Our experience gives us in-depth knowledge and understanding of a great variety of industries and businesses so we can provide the proper guidance to any business owner, leader or entrepreneur looking to reach their most ambitious goals.


Dirksen Rogers
CEO & Founder

Dirksen Rogers
CEO & Founder

Dirksen is a visionary, consultant, and leader who truly loves what he does. He provides business consulting and strategic advising for all types of businesses, helping them maximize their efficiency, expand and enter new markets, and refining investments, while developing new and creative strategies that will increase profits.

Highlights of Dirksen’s career include working in the residential and commercial construction and roofing industries. He is the founder of CM Squared, Inc. (CM2) and previously served as it’s CEO and President. Following his success in the Construction Industry, he sought to replicate his success in a variety of other investment areas. As a result, he acquired the knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the different aspects of a wide range of industries to aid clients in establishing their own journey to success.

Dirksen has taught top executives and leaders, skills like critical thinking, minimizing risk, understanding markets and investment strategies, and creating business development strategies that will effectively turn businesses into profitable companies even in a volatile economy.

Volunteering and giving back to the community is a huge part of Dirksen’s personal and corporate philosophies. He has a passion for sailing, and also enjoys playing golf and attending concerts. Dirksen has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Change Management from St. Mary’s College.